Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we present Christ’s message of hope in the Oxford Circle neighborhood and beyond: by appealing to individuals to be reconciled to God through Christ Jesus, and by living out this peace and wholeness in relationships in our diverse church body and the world.


Oxford Circle Mennonite Church - Mission & VisionOxford Circle Mennonite Church envisions being a place and a people open to God’s new life. Having experienced God’s forgiveness of sins, and having committed to imitate Christ’s example, we seek openness to God, each other, and to our larger community through the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

We yearn for increased wholeness – spiritual, physical, environmental and social – towards purer hearts, healthier lifestyles, cleaner neighborhoods, and safer streets. So we commit to bold movements towards reconciliation – because God has made us right with himself through Christ. We embrace risky opportunities to love our neighbors in order to see the Spirit tear down walls of race, gender, age and class. We see this in the synergy of neighborhood residents coming to join the church, even as church members commit to live in the neighborhood. We see this through the activities of a vibrant community center, through a new, larger and more flexible space, through learning to know our neighbors outside the walls of our church, through commitments to act and speak against the violence in our neighborhood, our city and our world. We realize challenges to these efforts – as conflict often accompanies openness to diversity – but we trust that honesty and reliance on the Spirit will keep us humble and united, as we listen to God and each other.

Recognizing Christ as the foundation to all of this, we prioritize deepening relationships with God and prayer, joined with regular study of Scripture together. We envision authentic worship; joyous singing of adults, children and youth alike; sharing each other’s traditional ethnic foods, all in a spacious, welcoming and community-accessible place. We sensed that there would be increasing hope; new faces and voices; deeper discipleship and communion; more holistically Godly living. We believe this to be possible, because of God’s grace, which brings our lives together in Jesus Christ, as we submit ourselves together to the Spirit’s wisdom. We see ourselves on the threshold of much of this.